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Bentham's Utilitarianism Ethical Theory and Its Application in the Triage System: A Scholarly Philosophical Paper

Volume 3, No. 3, 2024
(Received: 2024/01/29, Accepted: 2024/05/06)

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Basheer Al-Zu'bi; Amal Ababneh; Fourat Altarawneh; Nour Alrida;


Jeremy Bentham, Utilitarianism, Triage system, Nursing, Philosophy


Background: Jeremy Bentham introduced Utilitarianism which is one of the normative ethical theories that imposes procedures that maximize happiness and well-being for all intended individuals. Utilitarianism has been applied to the crisis of global poverty, the ethics of raising animals for food, and social welfare economics. Materials and Methods (2023): In the current paper, we study the concept of Utilitarianism in the Triage system in disasters as an example of a nursing healthcare system. Results: Utilitarianism is a practical framework for the Triage system. Because it represents an important style of thought in modern life. Conclusions: Utilitarianism could be applied in some situations such as pandemics and crises. However, it has some limitations related to the ignorance of the principles of human rights and social justice.