Jordan Journal of Nursing Research

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e-Health System Assessment, Framework, and Overview in Jordan

Volume 2, No. 2, 2023
(Received: 2023/01/22, Accepted: 2023/05/25)

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Mohannad Aldiqs; Muayyad Ahmad;


Standardization, e-health system, Jordan


Background and Purpose: This overview of the Ministry of Health's governance structure and the Health Information System (HIS) activities covers the current HIS situation. This study describes the e-HIS, whether it is standardized across health facilities, how information is used, and the resources needed for these systems to work efficiently.

Methods: Accessible electronic reports and publications on the e-HIS in Jordan were reviewed for the period 2000 to 2022. Data were retrieved from the Ministry of Health of Jordan, Department of Statistics, the Higher Health Council, and through databases of PubMed, ERIC, and GoogleScholar.

Results: eHealth systems must connect hospitals, pharmacies, primary care providers, in-home patients, and administrative entities such as insurers or the government. However, the standardization of eHealth is inherently complex. The health industry is heavily governed by national authorities. The risk of noncompliance with particular standards may increase as a result of technological advances. However, there are still unanswered questions regarding whether some of these programs are in competition or conflict and whether healthcare providers will appropriately apply standards.

Conclusion: To achieve the goals of strengthening the health system, the HIS must, whenever possible, eliminate parallel reporting systems, enable single reporting routes, and ensure that data and analysis feedback are shared effectively.