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Submission Date 14/05/2022
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Acceptance Date 02/08/2022
TitleThe Role of Organisational Culture in Preventing Workplace Bullying among Nurses in Jordan
Short TitleOrganizational Culture and Bullying
KeywordsWorkplace bullying, Organizational culture, Nurses

Background: Organizational culture has been found to relate to workplace bullying, however, available evidence on the role of organizational culture on bullying mitigation or aggravation is inconclusive.

Objective: This study aimed to estimate whether types of organizational culture predict bullying behavior among nurses

Methods: A descriptive, cross-sectional and predictive design was used in this study. A convenience sample of 160 nurses working in public and private hospitals completed and returned the study e-survey.

Results: About 10% of the nurses were exposed to workplace bullying within the last 6 months. Colleagues and other superiors/managers were the main perpetrators. The organizational culture dominant type was market culture which correlated negatively with workplace bullying.

Conclusions: Workplace bullying is still considered a serious problem among nurses. Contrary to the majority of studies reporting market culture as a risk factor for bullying or its lack of relatedness to bullying behavior, this study found that market culture correlated negatively with bullying in the work setting.

Implications to Nursing: Nurse managers have a crucial role in the mitigation and prevention of workplace bullying among their staff. Managers need to be available at the unit level to observe and monitor staff behavior, ensure the implementation of code of conduct for staff, and act as advocate when other unit managers bully nurses.  Further research is needed to provide more information on the role of various types of organizational culture on workplace bullying. In the meanwhile, market culture that focuses on work productivity and entrepreneurship need to be emphasized

Paper File JJNR-[11]


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