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A Literature Review of Self-care Behaviors among Patients with Diabetes Using the Theory of Planned Behavior

Volume 3, No. 2, 2024
(Received: 2023/11/12, Accepted: 2024/03/24)

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Bouthayna AL-Dalaen; Abdulkarim Alzayyat;


Self – care Behaviors. Diabetes, physical activity, medication adherence, theory of planned behavior.



     The incidence and prevalence of diabetes Mellitus (DM) are considered to be among the highest in the world, making it an alarming medical issue. It has been shown that suboptimal adherence to self-care behaviors (SCBs) such as medication adherence (Medication Adherence) and physical activity (PA) is correlated with insufficient glycemic control.

Aim: The aim of this literature review paper is to have overview about those studies that associated with SCBs among patients with diabetes using theory of planned behavior (TPB)

Methods: In this literature, the researchers utilized these databases or search engines:

The researcher used the CINAHL, MEDLINE, PubMed, and EBSCO databases, as well as Google Scholar scientific databases Keywords were included diabetes, self-care behaviors, Medication Adherence, and physical activity in different combinations.

Results: The researchers identified three themes in this literature review: Factors Associated with Patients’ Adherence to Anti-Diabetes Medications, Physical Activity among Diabetic Patients as well as Theory of Planned Behavior Constructs. Reviewing the literature demonstrated that many studies have been conducted worldwide regarding the level of SCBs among patients with diabetes that had identified significant variations in the level of adherence.

Implications for nursing and health policy: This review expands existing knowledge in the area of SCBs among Patients with Diabetes and give directions for future research. Nurses should encourage MA and PA adherence for patients who are at high risk of neglecting adherence behavior (such as patients who are single or suffer from diabetes complications).