Jordan Journal of Nursing Research
Jordanian Women’s Experiences of Natural Childbirth Using a Midwife-Led Care Unit: A Qualitative Study


Suad Jakalat; Inaam Khalaf; Jamila Abuidhail; Taghreed Salameh; Ruba Bdair; Lina Mrayan; Sanaa Abujilban; Noor Abueid; Ala'a Zayyad; Manar Abu-Abbas;


Background:  Midwives can play a pivotal role in promoting natural birth experiences. However, limited information is available about Jordanian laboring women’s experiences of natural childbirth guided by midwives. Understanding women’s experiences of natural birth can inform healthcare providers and policymakers to improve the care provided for laboring women. Purpose: This study aims to explore women's experiences of natural childbirth in a midwife-led care unit. Methods: A qualitative descriptive approach guided the study protocol. Data were collected through in-depth, semi-structured telephone interviews with 10 Jordanian women who experienced natural childbirth in a midwife-led care unit. Results: Two main themes emerged: “The journey of empowerment “and “Being prepared for natural childbirth". The first theme consisted of two sub-themes: Making an informed decision and being supported. The second theme consisted of three subthemes: The power of the place, being satisfied with natural childbirth practices, and feeling relieved. Conclusion: Women had positive childbirth experiences shaped by having autonomy in decision-making, perceived support, and being satisfied with the midwife-led care unit. Women’s positive experiences emphasize the need for social and political change to promote natural childbirth. Implications for Nursing: This paper provides evidence that supports the incorporation of midwife-led units to promote natural childbirth. New data will play a critical role in strengthening the responsibilities of nurses and midwives by raising public awareness and calling for policy changes to promote natural childbirth.


Midwife-led care unit; natural childbirth; women’s experiences.