Jordan Journal of Nursing Research
Achieving Health Equity and Eliminating Health Disparities Based on Nursing Philosophical, Theoretical and Ethical Perspectives


Bushra Alhusamiah;


Background: Nowadays, there has been a growing emphasis on the topic of health equity, which refers to the fundamental principle of addressing and resolving disparities in health outcomes and the factors that influence them, such as social determinants. The pursuit of health equity entails a dedicated effort towards achieving the utmost level of health and well-being for every individual, while also paying particular attention to those who are most vulnerable to experiencing poor health due to their social circumstances. 

Aim: This paper aimed to delve deeply into the concepts of health equity and disparities in healthcare from nursing perspectives, exploring various philosophies, theories, and ethical principles. Furthermore, aimed to highlight the crucial role that nursing professionals play in promoting health equity and eradicating health disparities.

Result: Nursing professionals have a significant role in achieving health equity and eliminating health disparities. Therefore, in the past decade, there has been a growing emphasis on the importance of achieving health equity, enhancing caring and healing connections as the core of professional nursing, alongside the use of theory-guided practice approaches, and nursing philosophies. Consequently, professionals in the field are actively seeking more practical methods that incorporate a sense of purpose and significance into their work to achieve equity based on essential nursing philosophies and theories.

Conclusion: Nurses have a unique and advantageous role in the healthcare system, as they have the ability to make a substantial impact on addressing the underlying factors that contribute to health disparities. Furthermore, nurses work closely with interdisciplinary teams, harnessing the power of collaboration and teamwork to effectively implement a range of strategies aimed at promoting fair and equal access to healthcare for all individuals.


Nursing philosophy, Nursing Theories, Ethic principles, science, Health equity, health disparities