Jordan Journal of Nursing Research
The Impact of Educational Intervention on Jordanian Parents' Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Children's Antibiotic Use


Hind Alshikh; Salam Bani Hani; Khloud Smiran;


Background: Self-administration of antibiotics is a common health issue that increases antibiotic resistance.

Objective: This study aims to evaluate the effect of educational intervention on parent's knowledge and attitude regarding children’s antibiotic use.

Methods: One group pre-posttest was used. An adapted questionnaire was used composed of three Socio-demographic data, parents’ knowledge, and practice of antibiotics. An educational program comprised of a teaching session of 30 minutes covering information about antibiotics and standardized practice to teach community parents about the appropriate use of antibiotics among their children, the education session was adopted by WHO, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and Jordan Food and drug association with high content validity.

Results: A total of 150 parents were recruited in this study. Around one-third of parents were at their 18 to 25 years (n=50, 33.3%). A paired sample t-test was used to assess the mean difference in parents’ knowledge and practices toward effective usage of antibiotics. It was revealed that introducing an educational program has a statistically significant difference that improved parent's knowledge (t(149)=10.5, P <.001). For practice, the educational program showed a significant mean difference before intervention (15.0 ±1.05) and post-intervention (16.9 ±3.53) which was (t (149)=6.02, P <.001).

Conclusion: An educational program intervention was carried out to raise study parent’s awareness of antibiotics. Antibiotic-related awareness greatly increased after the educational intervention.

Implications for Nursing: To guarantee that this increased awareness translates into long-term, essential changes in health-related behavior, more initiatives should be undertaken.


Antibiotic use; Children; Upper respiratory tract infections; Knowledge; attitude; Parents; and Educational intervention.